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In a world where technological change is a constant and digitalisation races ahead, you need to do things differently to find value. We are your bilateral B2B partner, harnessing strategy and activation, technology and talent in powerful new ways. With our human-centred focus on applying digital-first thinking and emotive virtual experiences, we enable true differentiation.

At the core of our approach: the 4E process. Explore, Excite, Express, Excel. Through four proven phases, we extract new sources of value to transform brands and enhance business transactions.




Through collaborative consultancy, intelligence, insight and informed analysis, we explore markets and audiences, understand the challenges, trends and dynamics shaping clients’ worlds – and uncover new sources of value.


Here’s where our creativity comes into play. We take everything we’ve learned throughout our explorations, and apply strategic thinking, problem solving, insight and truly original ideas to open up whole new brand possibilities.


This is where our thinking takes shape in reality. New digital products and multichannel platforms. New cross-border campaigns and communications initiatives – all with expert delivery and deployment, and unflinching quality control.


See it one way, and it’s the end of our process. See it another, and it’s the start of a new cycle – an intelligence loop of endless improvement, using insight and data to gauge value, payback and ROI, with clear KPIs and precise metrics.

Specialist services.

As business brand value creators, our work goes far beyond the conventional remit of an agency. We’re at the centre of an international multichannel network delivering truly global campaigns and a consultancy partner shaping transformation and transaction strategies.

Multichannel. Multidisciplinary. Multinational.

Our agency goes beyond conventional models. Gone are the silos – instead, with clients at the core, our clusters combine knowledge sharing, seamless delivery and agile management to create and secure sustainable value.

Meet the strategic team.

Brian Barrett


Brian Barrett

For over 50 years, Brian’s experience of building brands and businesses has defined Wyatt’s history. Today, as Chairman, he continues to play a part in devising the strategies that bring sustained success.


Karen Bernie

Leading our agency for more than 30 years, Karen has built brands and businesses across 60 territories worldwide. Which means, as CEO, she knows exactly how to create value across countries and continents.

Mark Fones

Managing Director

Mark Fones

Mark brings a history of digital and international firsts, as well as a fierce competitive drive, to transform brands and businesses – something he’s been doing at Wyatt for over a decade, as he takes our clients in brave new directions.

Kate Brookes

Head of Finance

Kate Brookes

Kate has been the commercial hand at the tiller of our business for more than three decades – with a keen eye for building financial insight, forecasting and value creation into the very fabric of our agency.

Lynne Strawford

Head of Operations

Lynne Strawford

For more than two decades, Lynne has played a fundamental part in all aspects of our business – but, above all, she excels in maintaining the vital services, standards and support that keep us, and our clients, running smoothly.

Simon Kinnear - Head of Client Services

Head of Client Services

Simon Kinnear

Cinema buff and seasoned content creator Simon brings 20 years of excellence in PR and communications to head up campaigns that kindle, foster and activate value across brands’ entire communications spectrum.

Simon Hall - Brand Strategy & Integrated Services Director

Brand Strategy & Integrated Services Director

Simon Hall

A GB Ironman triathlete and experienced creative, Simon takes a unique approach to value creation, uniting both creativity and commercial strategy to enhance business transactions and transform brands.

Creative Strategist & Copywriter

Steve Jenkinson

An experienced writer and conceptual thinker with a Masters in Marketing and a background in brand activation, Steve devises strategies, propositions, key messaging and creative platforms that secure value for clients worldwide.

Sahar Afzal - Junior Account Director

Junior Account Director

Sahar Afzal

An MBA graduate of Karachi Business School, Sahar has worked with global consumer brands and B2B businesses – bringing to Wyatt true international insight across engineering, construction and the built environment.

Bethany Haller - Junior PR Account Director

Junior Account Director

Bethany Haller

An experienced PR and communications specialist, Bethany has led teams across every sector from engineering to infrastructure – blending brand storytelling with incisive value creation.

Ben Baker-Hollyhead - Junior PR Account Director

Junior Account Director

Ben Baker-Hollyhead

Leading multichannel campaigns across multinational markets, Ben is one of our cluster leads, driving brand value and commercial performance enhancement for everything from power tools to fleet management.

There’s no value in service silos and isolated thinking – which is why, from our values to everyday life, we share creativity and commerciality freely and openly, right across our business.

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