B2B marketing strategy.

As a global B2B marketing agency since 1964, we create effective offline and online strategies across the B2B space – combining all aspects of strategy development to identify and secure sustainable value for brands and businesses worldwide.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Any global B2B marketing strategy needs to be simultaneously comprehensive and acutely precise – laser-targeted on solving the challenges and meeting the needs of customers, markets and your business itself before finding the right channels to deliver your message.

To make sure every strategy we create fulfils this, we use every possible marketing tool in our arsenal. From in-depth persona development and customer journey mapping to creating a brand messaging matrix, we apply our 4E process to ensure your marketing plan and go-to-market strategy is smart, achievable, accurate and, above all, value-focused to make a lasting difference to your business.

B2B marketing strategy services.

Research and workshops.

Any watertight strategy is anchored in robust, in-depth research. Therefore, from the outset, we run Explore workshops and stakeholder working groups to immerse ourselves in your business reality – so we can set about reshaping it.

Persona development.

We create detailed customer personas to give you a deeper understanding of their motivations and mindsets to help build a three-dimensional picture that influences your campaigns – going beyond generic profiling into granular detail of the challenges and emotional triggers that define their working day, giving you the pain points that can be targeted across all channels.

Messaging matrices.

Messaging is critical to any B2B marketing strategy – and it’s not just about tone of voice. We create frameworks defining exactly how your messaging should flex across products, services, audiences and their challenges no matter the channel – PR, social media or website copy.

Channel planning and integrated campaigns.

We take an integrated, multichannel approach to planning, combining owned, earned and paid media across digital, social and traditional channels – applying the best creative campaign content to the best channels, to secure the best value.

Employee engagement.

Great brands start from within - nobody knows your brand better than your internal teams. That is why our B2B marketing strategies always consider the internal audience experience, with employer branding and employee communication strategies to help you engage your people first.

Global marketing strategy.

Everything we do can be scaled from region-specific to global strategies. Working with our international partner network of B2B marketing agencies, 1°West, to transcreate and localise campaigns, we take brands beyond borders and create value worldwide.

Accelerating brand and business value creation

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