International PR and communications.

In a post-digital world, the conventions of traditional international marketing and PR no longer work. In order to accelerate brand value, a much more flexible, scalable, customisable and technology-driven network is needed – a network that we call 1°West.

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1°West is an original concept in business brand value creation: from our Birmingham hub, 1° west of the prime meridian, we cross borders and boundaries through a network of partners in over 50 countries – reaching many more.

No multi-site overheads. No logistical complexities. Just an ability to deliver the value you need in new markets and territories. Our approach combines global capabilities with local understanding – giving you the exact levels of service, responsiveness and penetration you need, quicker and easier than traditional international network agencies.


Global B2B knowledge hub.

We act as your global listening post, continuously monitoring and seeking out insights from across the wide world of B2B content marketing and PR – all to find and secure international value creation opportunities, wherever they may be.

International marketing strategy.

We turn global insight into guaranteed value – distilling our cross-border knowledge into workable strategies that enable brands and businesses to succeed in both transaction and transformation, worldwide.

Brand storytelling across borders.

Delving into your brand’s DNA, we extract what makes you different. Then, we tell the world, creating stories that resonate with and compel action from audiences across markets, and turning domestic brands into international ones.

Cross-cultural communications.

Integrated. Replicable. Universal. Every campaign we create, from strategies to design, B2B copywriting to digital delivery, is created with cross-cultural considerations at the core, to take you effortlessly across borders.

Translation, transcreation and logistics.

From our central hub, we handle all aspects of global rollout. Tapping into our flexible partner network, we ensure accurate translation, transcreation and replication across more than 30 languages worldwide.

International media monitoring.

With an online media planning database of over 500,000 contacts, and 33,000 editorial and 10,000 event opportunities, we ceaselessly monitor print and online media across 100 countries – so that you never miss out.

Accelerating brand and business value creation

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