Customer journey mapping and CX.

Creating value doesn’t start with the brand – it starts with the customer. Understanding the customer journey map. Mapping the customer experience. These are some of our first steps to developing CX strategies that create new sources of value, transforming transactions and businesses.

customer journey mapping on an ipad

As part of the Explore phase of our 4E process, customer experience journey mapping and CX analysis gives you a powerful toolkit for getting to know your customers in unprecedented depth.

Working as customer experience consultants, we explore every aspect of their relationships with your business, brands, products and people, gaining views from every angle, so we can construct a comprehensive, analytical map of where your customers are, where they’re going, and how you can enhance their experience at every step.

CX and customer journey mapping.

Stakeholder workshops.

Customers aren’t just outside your organisation – all the people who play a part in your business are some of the most important. Through intensive exploratory workshops, we get to know them.

Qualitative customer interviews.

After identifying your key customer groups, we delve into rich, insight-gathering interviews to engage them, and give us a clearer picture of their views, outlooks, opinions and needs – in unrivalled depth.

Survey development.

The most robust explorations blend the qualitative with the quantitative – so, to balance our interview insights, we expand the sample size with wide-ranging customer surveys for complete validation.

Thematic CX analysis.

With our core data in hand, we apply intelligent analysis and thematic identification to extract incisive insights and provable points around your customers, their journeys and their experiences.

Customer experience mapping.

This is where our customer strategy begins to take shape. We visualise and construct an intuitive map of your customers’ experience and journey – and every touchpoint between them and your brand.

Internal rollout.

Value creation starts from within, which is why we begin rollout of any potential campaign by engaging your people and stakeholders, securing buy-in right across your business.

Accelerating brand and business value creation