Wyatt International launches its B2B Accelerator consultancy.

Simon Hall, Brand and Strategy Director, is proud to introduce you to our B2B Accelerator Consultancy.

Graphic that says: why wait until tomorrow when you can supercharge your brand and business today? 

Hit the accelerator.

You’ve heard about our bilateral offer: strategy meets activation.

And, if you’re a client, chances are you’ll have worked with our Cluster teams on the latter part of this. But accelerating value creation needs the former to begin with; it needs direction and focus. This is where our Accelerator consultancy comes into play.

Simon Hall, Brand & Strategy Director, writing on a clear board.

The Accelerator is our team of strategists, consultants and sector specialists, working at the front end of our 4E process – Explore and Excite – to help our clients define their challenges and objectives, and devise the right strategies to overcome and achieve them. Essentially, it’s a catalyst, plugging into projects at their outset to supercharge things, before we’ve even started moving.

Part of our whole mission here at Wyatt International is, as it were, supercharging the value within brands and businesses. It’s being the B2B partner for commercial leaders. It’s understanding the challenges of our time and harnessing the power of digitalisation, decarbonisation and diversity and inclusion to elevate brands that are fit for the future. We’re the team that can take our clients from realising opportunities to realising returns, faster. Which all calls for some acceleration…

Services, supercharged.

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ challenges to develop and deliver strategic and creative direction and assets for sustained value creation. This could be identifying brand and value propositions for businesses, products or services – including, as you’d expect from a team with the name ‘Accelerator’, an offer we call RVP, or Rapid Value Proposition development.

A group of colleagues brain storming at a clear white board.

It could also be brand and communications strategies, go-to-market strategies, or a service that leverages the intellectual assets within B2B organisations’ processes – fittingly called IAM, or Intellectual Asset Marketing.

Graphic that says: or it could be as seemingly simple as being brought into a project to ask why?

To open up new possibilities by shifting thinking away from established routes and conventions. When this is what brands need to unlock value or carve a piece of the market away from the competition, they turn to us to lay in a new course and hit accelerate.

Calling on the consultants.

We’ve already said about the Accelerator itself being formed of strategists and specialists, but the team also has the ability to tap into seasoned expertise across the industrial, construction, and green technology sectors. Sustainability, for example, is (as it should be) a major focus for many of our clients. And, here, the Accelerator has its own sustainability strategists, well-versed in everything from circular thinking to the nuts and bolts of EPDs.

Jeremy Salisbury, Sustainability consulstant, in a meeting.

Similarly, talent management – and attracting, nurturing and retaining said talent – is a huge concern as the labour market continues to be squeezed, in the UK and around the world. But with specialist expertise in employer branding and talent motivation within the team too, the Accelerator gives clients the added impetus to meet the challenges that matter for their people, and their brands.

It all comes together in a tight-knit team poised to get businesses moving along the pathway to value creation. No overcomplication. No convolutedness. No slowdown. Just a bit of acceleration in the engine room of your brand.”

So, that’s who we are. A suitably short, sharp introduction to our Accelerator consultancy. 

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