Quaker Houghton

DieCast iQTM. Power in the process.

Quaker Houghton, a global leader in industrial process fluids, asked Wyatt to develop a value proposition and marketing communications strategy to support its global die casting business. We deployed the principles of Intellectual Asset Marketing (IAM) to identify, define and package their service offering. Through an international PR, digital and content marketing campaign, we helped reposition the brand, re-educate the die casting industry and accelerate the drive for an intelligent future.

The story.

The electrification of the industry is changing automotive manufacturing. A drive to improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce vehicle weight and reduce assembly costs has driven the adoption of large structural die cast parts, replacing assemblies of multiple formed and welded components. But it’s not all about size. It’s about delivering a process and a solution that enables a more efficient, more sustainable production line. This is intelligent die casting. This is DieCast iQ™.

The thinking.

Intellectual Asset Marketing (IAM) focuses on ‘how’ a business operates. This ‘how’ is valuable, it’s the story behind the ‘why’. In an overcrowded marketplace, delving deeper into business operations to demonstrate value is integral to establishing real authority.

Working closely with Quaker Houghton, we identified what makes them different – their ‘how’. As a business they are uniquely placed to provide a combination of lubricants, application equipment and industry expertise, as well as innovative monitoring tools. The synergy of product, application and data created a complete end-to-end diecasting process that established stability, higher efficiency, reduced waste and lowered operational costs.

Predominantly targeting the automotive sector, as well as the wider die casting industry, Quaker Houghton needed a new marketing communications strategy and value proposition based around this specific service. We created a suite of content, all packaged with a new identity that fuelled a global, multi-channel campaign to reimagine and rebuild their story.

The execution.

Wyatt created a series of content for owned, earned, and paid-for media to ensure multiple touchpoints across the international industry. Leading with striking visuals and videos of the DieCast iQ™ process, we also created a long-form, thought-leadership playbook that positioned Quaker Houghton as the authority in the die casting industry. This playbook was used as the central tenet for the wider campaign and was housed on its own DieCast iQ™ microsite.

To elevate brand reach, we activated a PR campaign with tier-one titles across key international press, in doing so we encouraged conversation and debate across the global industry. Furthermore, with the help of our organic and paid-for social media campaign, we engaged directly with key stakeholders in the industry to infuse debate on Quaker Houghton’s processes.

The story continues…

This campaign highlights how important it is for B2B businesses to identify and capitalise on the ‘how’. With a new proposition, Quaker Houghton has an entirely new suite of content and a new identity that has led to continuous press coverage in the most prestigious tier-one global titles. By driving awareness, conversations have been started and change has been activated across the international die casting and automotive industries.

Accelerating brand and business value creation

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