An international B2B & B2C press launch.

EGO is a global leader in outdoor battery-powered equipment. In the last 18 months, the business set out on its journey to launch more products than ever before across key European markets. Instead of relying solely on industry exhibitions to showcase its latest innovations, EGO sought Wyatt International’s experience and expertise to create and manage its own series of international press events.

Image of EGO's press event in France.

The story.

As is tradition, B2B brands venture towards already established industry exhibitions, tradeshows and events. EGO, following suit would attend the Garden Media Guild’s press event year on year. Held in London, this journalist only event could not accommodate the live use of EGO’s products and relied on the static viewing of each piece of equipment. Although EGO obtained a healthy quantity of media coverage, we recognised that journalists and industry influencers could only truly appreciate the key product differentials by physically getting their hands on the tools. And with this, EGO’s press events were born.


The thinking.

In 2022, we created the very first event in Berkshire, UK. Subsequently followed by an event in Paris and Milan. These were exclusive events and with our support, we managed to get just under 50 key journalists and influencers – across all three events – to experience EGO’s battery-powered equipment first-hand. Here the proof of concept was established, and each event obtained great coverage. But of course, lessons were learned, particularly when it came to location and the need for regional touches.

In 2023, we elevated our event concept, selecting locations in the UK, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and France that would not only attract core B2B publications but B2C, too.

The execution.

Working alongside our international partners, some of whom we’ve worked with for almost 30 years – we focused on creating events that were regional, embodying each country’s local customs and cuisine. Wyatt International organised where events were held to ensure that each journalist and social media influencer had the time and space to use each piece of equipment, from lawnmowers and strimmers to chainsaws and hedge trimmers. We also had to accommodate for both the B2B and B2C press. Journalists from B2B titles were familiar with EGO and tended to understand the benefits of battery-powered technology – this is where most journalists were actively encouraged to test the lawnmowers and strimmers for themselves. Whereas for most B2C journalists, this was – in some cases – their first exposure to EGO as the brand had only just entered the ‘lifestyle’ market targeting homeowners. Here we worked with EGO to put together presentations in local languages that introduced all attendees to the new range.

Wyatt International managed all facets of each event – from organisation and management, to setting up testing stations and loading trucks, and of course, enjoying an Italian tasting menu and indulging in Parisian pastries… This was an all-hands-on-deck affair that enabled EGO to engage directly with brand influencers and really differentiate themselves from competitors.


We managed to secure the attendance of over 100 journalists and influencers across the entire international press launch. With over a 50% increase in journalist attendance, we secured regional, national and international PR coverage for EGO, promoting the benefits of its battery-powered range across the B2B and B2C market.

And this story continues… the exposure from each press event has fuelled further campaigns that simultaneously continue to promote the sheer power, and benefit of battery-powered equipment. Read more on EGO’s Challenge 2025 here.

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