Charging up for change in the power equipment market.

Despite the harmful health and environmental effects, many trade and domestic users remain devoted to petrol. As a global leader in battery-powered garden equipment, and with sustainability at its core, EGO is committed to displacing petrol as the fuel of choice.

EGO first launched in the United States in 2012 and rapidly established itself as a leading battery brand. Upon launching in 2014, EGO took its place as a technology leader for its revolutionised battery technology and high-performance cordless outdoor power equipment.

EGO designs and manufacturers a range of outdoor power equipment from lawnmowers to leaf blowers and it has recently expanded its collection with the launch of the lifestyle range which enables its innovative battery technology to be used in other applications beyond the garden.

With unmatched power, excellent run times and zero emissions, its unique 56V ARC LithiumTM batteries have the industry’s highest capacity in a hand-held battery, giving users the power to adopt battery power and leave petrol in the past.

The story.

Sustainability drives our future. So why is groundscare still stuck in the past, powered by petrol? That was the question we faced when we partnered with EGO, part of the international Chervon Group, to inspire people to see the brand as the new face of smarter, greener, and safer outdoor power.

To energise brand awareness and supercharge EGO’s position as a global leader in the battery-powered outdoor equipment space, we set about building a multichannel drive across B2B PR and content, social, digital, and events.

The thinking.

As EGO’s pan-European social media, PR and content partner, our brief was to position the brand as a key player across channels. We soon found ourselves exploring the issues facing the industry and discovered the value we could create by elevating the conversation from brand to thought leadership. From here, the environmentally-centred Challenge 2025 campaign was launched. At its core, the campaign encourages outdoor equipment users to move away from petrol and seeks to drive the uptake of battery-powered equipment through education.

Challenge 2025 is a targeted, multi-channel, multi-disciplinary five-year campaign that empowers broad-based actions. It seeks to generate short-term wins along its journey, which allows us to consolidate results, and adapt and evolve as our audience becomes more aware of the issues surrounding petrol engines.

The execution.

Recognising the need for change we commissioned The Report – a 16-page report which analysed the data and attitudes of local councils, trade, and domestic equipment users, as well as the general public. We also commissioned emissions testing at Millbrook and created the industry’s first emissions calculator. Through this innovative approach to data collection, we designed and launched The Report which is housed on a microsite that serves as a central hub for Challenge 2025 content.

To create a long-term impact and to educate the next generation, we also created the Education Pack to help teachers communicate with their students about the key benefits of switching from petrol to batteries.

Working collaboratively with our 1 Degree West partners, we organised annual press and influencer days in London, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Belgium. These events allowed us to provide exclusive reveals of new product launches and promote EGO’s Lawn Mower Simulator game, all of which fuelled our ongoing editorial and social media campaigns across trade, international and consumer press.

The story continues…

Hundreds of copies of The Report have been distributed at events across Europe and have received over 250 downloads and 146 newsletter sign-ups. The education pack has reached 160 downloads from teachers and there have been 1,122 emission calculator completions.

As part of the campaign, our PR activity has over 1,300 placements and a total circulation of 127 million across five European countries, including national coverage in The Independent and a top story in the Daily Express. We also encouraged reviews of battery-powered tools and achieved 56 ‘Best Buys’ from popular titles like Gardeners’ World and Which?

Challenge 2025 has truly introduced the conversation, stimulated debate, and continues to encourage real change. In addition, the ongoing campaign has contributed to EGO’s most successful year of sales ever.

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