At Wyatt International, we help brands in complex industries and technical markets find their niche, accelerate value and grow their business. This means creating PR campaigns that drive awareness, build trust and credibility, and support lead generation – all while seamlessly blending traditional and digital PR.

As an agency specialising in creating your B2B marketing strategysocial media marketing and SEO, we know what it takes to engage audiences with long buying cycles across multiple touchpoints.

Across a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, and manufacturing, our B2B PR management capabilities focus on finding the optimum online and print publications to get your brand seen and heard. By creating insightful, compelling content, we can drive brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Traditional and digital PR services.

B2B PR strategy and planning.

From the outset, we work with you to define your objectives and devise a PR strategy that will achieve them. We use every touchpoint and technique to generate cut-through in even the most competitive business environments.

Thought leadership content.

We’re well-versed in creating thought leadership content that goes beyond marketing to add value to your brand and business. We work with your internal experts to develop in-depth material for feature articles, columns, blogs and press releases.

Digital PR and media relations.

Online and offline, through new platforms and traditional media, we build enduring relationships with editors and influencers, content creators and curators – getting your message wherever it needs to be.

PR campaigns.

Our PR management enables us to champion conceptual cut-through and create impact in everything we produce. From full brand campaigns and multichannel toolkits, to video content and internal comms – we bring it all together to demonstrate the value and power of your brand.


We create B2B PR experiences for the post-digital age. From hosting to amplification – whether physical or virtual, live or livestreamed, webcast or podcast – we engage and onboard audiences before, during and after you go live.

PR reporting and measurement.

We know that ensuring the effectiveness of your PR campaigns is key, so we gather insight from integrated activities to give you a deeper view of your campaign performance, including domain authority, backlink profiles, GA4 data and more.

Accelerating brand and business value creation

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