Bringing value to a multinational product launch.

As a new roofing giant, BMI Group needed to hit the ground running to cement its claim in international markets. The best way to do this? Launching a flagship product range to the world. No pressure…

The story.

In essence, this wasn’t just a global product launch for BMI EverGuard, a multi-layered flat roofing system. It was the world’s introduction to BMI itself. So, it was vital to get everything right. That was why BMI turned to Wyatt as its multichannel activation lead agency – to make an impact for EverGuard while building its wider brand worldwide.

BMI - marketing
BMI branding

The thinking.

Identified through an in-depth Explore phase, our challenge lay in bringing to life the BMI ethos: ‘we care more about your roof’. And it was this layering of care that gave us a compelling proposition for EverGuard, ‘Layers of Performance’, which brought together the layers of care, craft, support and innovation within EverGuard – and, by extension, within BMI itself – that would resonate across territories and enhance the brand’s value at launch.

BMI catalogue translated into Albanian talking about their everguard system

The execution.

Creating a CGI visual dramatising these layers, we rolled out a comprehensive, integrated toolkit to help BMI get EverGuard onto the roofs of the world. Beyond this, our synchronised approach to brand and product redefined expectations of what could be achieved with a launch. Across channels and countries, we proved the interrelationship between value within a product and within a brand – and how to boost both.

The story continues.

EverGuard was just the beginning. Since launch, we’ve helped the business introduce products and categories to cement its leadership and reputation for innovation. From liquid waterproofing to solar roofing, every launch has shared the same brand-building approach – ensuring that every act BMI performs creates new value in its business.

A close up shot of a pair of hands holding a book featuring an article from BMI, talking about roofing, translated into Polish

“This was the world’s introduction to BMI as a brand. So, it was vital to get everything right.”

Accelerating brand and business value creation

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