A successful strategy needs deep understanding – and without it, campaigns will fail.

So, we never stop challenging and asking questions. Who are we talking to? What interests them? Where do they look for information? How and when do they consume content? These simple questions are the ones we ask most often, helping us break down the boundaries between clients and their customers.



We’re curious – relentlessly asking questions, analysing competitors and interviewing customers and employees to get to the heart of the challenge. Qualitatively and quantitatively, we gather the evidence that aids understanding and helps us establish a clear strategy.



Employees are key to brand reputation – and understanding their experience is critical. The information we’ve drawn from employee workshops convinces us that successful brands are built from within, helping us improve communication and brand buy-in, as well as identify propositions.


Data analysis.

Without data, there’s just guesswork – which is why intelligence drives our adaptive thinking model. We use it to inform strategy, and to measure success. We constantly monitor performance against metrics and fine-tune activity to keep campaigns on track.


Market profiling.

First, understand your market. Second, adapt your message. By getting into the hearts and minds of your audience, profiling delivers this insight, helping us understand who, what, where, when and why. We identify individuals and groups, and create bespoke messages that move them to action.


Strategy development.

Supporting our clients with strategic counsel is a strength of Wyatt and, for some, we’ve prepared national and international business communication strategies and frameworks.

Brand storytelling without boundaries…