B2B influencer marketing.

As a B2B influencer marketing agency, we partner with macro and micro-influencers to create content that is authentic and valuable to your audience.

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B2B brands can sometimes be apprehensive when it comes to influencer marketing. Understandably, the illusion is that ‘influencers’ – and everything typically associated with such a moniker – are restricted solely to B2C brands. This is simply untrue. Even the most technical B2B industries and niche sectors are home to influencers who have built thriving online communities.

When approaching a B2B influencer marketing strategy, it’s important to leave all ambitions of ‘going viral’ by the wayside. As a B2B brand, you have the luxury of dealing with niche influencers and, therefore, their ultra-targeted audiences. This is where the opportunity lies, and it’s where we come in. We identify the macro and micro-influencers that align with your brand values, create authentic content that resonates, and build genuine relationships that ensure ongoing engagement and brand advocacy.

B2B Influencer Marketing

Campaign Ideation

We create campaigns and content for, and alongside, B2B influencers. Through market exploration and audience analysis, we build a campaign that places real, authentic content at the core to resonate with, and build trust with online communities.

Influencer Strategies

We build B2B influencer marketing strategies into your wider social media marketing strategy. Identifying relevant macro and micro influencers, we explore audience wants and needs, creating content that cuts through the noise to elevate brand value.

Identification and outreaching

Working with leading influencers across complex, B2B industries, we take the time to understand your business and marketing objectives and seek out relevant influencers that will enhance and share your brand story.

Contracting and resourcing

We manage the relationships with B2B influencers so that you don't have to. From initial contact and content creation, through to campaign management and delivery. Wyatt International will manage each facet of your influencer marketing campaign to guarantee results.

Ongoing liaison

We're experts in building relationships with B2B influencers. Throughout your campaign, we will communicate with, and work alongside industry influencers to ensure your brand content connects with chosen audiences.


Measurement and reporting is integral when it comes to B2B influencer marketing campaigns. We will analyse reach, interactions, comments, click-throughs and cost-per-clicks, as well as provide anecdotal feedback from influencer's themselves and their community.

Accelerating brand and business value creation

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