Precision Micro

Energising the ultimate value within a brand: its people.

Precision Micro – a photochemical etching specialist – is focused on detail. But, following a management buyout, we saw the opportunity to pinpoint a sustainable source of value for its business…

The story.

People are intrinsic to the value of a business – and they, themselves, need to be valued. They need to be energised, enlivened and inspired by the brand they’re part of. So, partnering with the newly independent management team, we set about building a new brand – starting from within. 

The thinking.

Working closely with the business at all levels, from shop floor to management, we anchored our thinking in one question: what made Precision Micro’s people get up in the morning and come into work? The answer lay in the fact that everyone felt empowered by making a difference in the world, every day. By making a better today, and by never stopping improving, so every today is better than yesterday. And that gave us our rallying cry…

The execution.

Turning this insight into a compelling story started with inspiring Precision Micro’s people, right from the grassroots. We created a new brand, story, vision and mission, and an identity based around the idea of ‘Better Today’. We then launched from within, at a company ‘town hall’ event enabling all of the brand’s people to realise the part they have to play in their future. A future that starts today. 

The differentiator.

Any company newly fledged from its parent finds itself at an uncertain time. By putting Precision Micro’s story in the hands of its people, we made them masters of their destiny – a real differentiator for a brand going beyond the bounds of photochemical etching, creating the components that make a better today for everyone. 

“People are all too often a business’ untapped source of value.”

The brand and business value creators