In this age of big data, everything’s measured. And we think it’s a good thing.

There used to be an old saying in marketing that half of budgets are wasted– it’s just a question of which half. Such wastefulness is a thing of the past thanks to data and metrics which let agencies, and their clients, measure performance, success and return on investment, and rank it all on a scale that’s there, in open view, for everyone to see. Which brings us on neatly to the 2018 B2B marketing agencies benchmarking report.

We’re there. Not just once, but twice. We appear as number 25 in the list of the UK’s ‘Top 70 B2B Marcomms Agencies’ – and we also appear in the ‘Top 24 UK B2B PR Agencies’ where, we’re straight in at number 7.

We’ll be the first to admit that rankings provide just a snapshot in time and aren’t the ‘be all and end all’ of agency life or recommendations. On the other hand, they provide a clear indication of performance, status and standing. That’s why we’re delighted and proud to be there among the leading players as a top performer. We’ve consistently been among the UK’s top 25 B2B agencies for several years, testament to both our consistency and our capability. It all adds up to a great start to the year.

You can download the B2B Marketing Agencies Benchmarking Report 2018 here

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