Polypipe International looked to Wyatt for a campaign to support new market entry targeting the African mining sector.

A FTSE company, Polypipe makes plastic piping systems for use in the residential, commercial, civils and infrastructure sectors. Its products are found in countless applications, including the Olympic Stadium in London, and various prestigious sports, hotel and infrastructure developments across the world. But across the Gulf, throughout Africa, and even into Russia and Asia, it is only just scratching the surface of the market. In these territories, there are huge infrastructure projects where Polypipe’s products and expertise have potential application. But although it has a presence and distributors in some of these markets, the Polypipe brand has little or no traction. It turned to Wyatt to help address this issue and drive future growth.



Such a huge market can quickly drain resources and budget. To be cost-effective, it’s important to identify opportunities and build a targeted and focused approach around them. These opportunities lay in specific countries, products and market sectors, and so we worked with Polypipe International to create a clearly segmented approach. With this solid groundwork behind us, we began with targeting the mining sector in Africa.



It was clear that, internationally, Polypipe’s reputation rested more on its products – such as Terrain and Rigidrain – than on its expertise and added-value services. Yet it is this expertise which holds the key to winning the hearts and minds of specifiers. So, we created a ‘We are the People’ campaign, which focused on Polypipe’s status as a world-leading supplier of water management solutions. We believed that this positioning would prove effective, especially in an era when water management has taken on such critical importance.



Our strategy was to target very specific people with a clearly focused message, and to engage them on a personal level. Drawing on assets from a communications toolkit we’d created (including photography, adverts, articles and white papers), our campaign for the African mining market included PR activity, EDM, case studies, LinkedIn prospecting, website and white papers.



To date, the campaign has delivered over 100 pieces of on and offline press coverage, including significant thought leadership positioning. Delivered through social media and South African mining and infrastructure publications, this has reached a combined readership of over 10 million people. The LinkedIn social media prospecting campaign was especially successful in introducing Polypipe to prospective distributors and customers with an impressive connection rate of 45%. Of these, 8% were nurtured into becoming high-quality leads for the local sales team to covert.

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