Trelleborg AVS

Fast-tracking brand value creation never felt better.

Most people will never realise the value that antivibration specialist Trelleborg brings to their daily lives. Our task was to ensure engineers and direct customers would realise this through content marketing…

The story.

Along the world’s rail networks and across its oceans, Trelleborg’s ingenious polymer technologies make journeys and jobs safer, smoother and more efficient. But when these technologies are performing perfectly, they’re effectively invisible – so, how do you demonstrate their brand value to customers? 

The thinking.

To demonstrate the value Trelleborg adds at every touchpoint, we undertook customer journey mapping so that we could understand and engage their existing and potential customers at every touchpoint too. So, through a range of multichannel marketing campaigns and communications initiatives, we set out to do just that. Foremost, we leveraged AR marketing to provide a showstopping and immersive experience at InnoTrans, the rail industry’s flagship event, where we gave customers a glimpse under the hood, where they could virtually and physically explore Trelleborg’s ideas and innovations.





The execution.

With digital marketing tactics such as video content, PR and social activity amplifying Trelleborg’s brand message, we put the true value of the business front and centre: ensuring life never felt better. And we also extended this to the way it does business, focusing on the collaboration at the brand’s core, as it custom-engineers anti vibration technologies for any possible application.




Trelleborg on mobile

The story continues.

We’re now forging ahead with a B2B marketing strategy to position Trelleborg as an antivibration collaboration hub. This involves developing a new communications platform enabling the company and its customers to answer the big vibration challenges of our future – and unlocking a sustainable platform to create value for Trelleborg throughout that future.


A laptop screen showing a video about Trelleborg engineering
A close up shot of a laptop screen, showing Trelleborg antivibration solutions

“We gave customers a glimpse under the hood, virtually and physically.”

Accelerating brand and business value creation

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