Bringing simplicity to the complex world of engineering.

norelem is a leader in engineering components – the number one in Germany. To help it take on ever-more intense global competition, we engineered a very different international communications approach…

The story.

norelem’s window on the world is THE BIG GREEN BOOK. part ideas catalogue, part reference guide, it’s been a regular feature on German engineers’ workbenches for over 15 years. But we saw the potential to raise the brand’s ambitions, and replicate this success across ultra-competitive international markets. And our approach had – in essence – the same principle as THE BIG GREEN BOOK itself: simplicity.

The thinking.

From exploring the market, we found our niche. norelem doesn’t cater to engineering giants; instead it serves SMEs designing specialist products to solve specific challenges – right down to one-man workshops. This audience demands quick, simple solutions – a simplicity integral to both THE BIG GREEN BOOK and norelem’s brand. So, borrowing from this simplicity, we defined a way to synchronise seamless simplicity in communications across eight critical international markets – all managed from one UK hub.

The execution.

Working across digital and social channels, as well as through PR and media relations, we built a robust platform enabling norelem to instantly tap into a wider world of potential. Through key campaigns like ‘Find it. Get it. Go.’, as well as a continuous stream of thought leadership, influencer marketing and student engagement, we built on the quick and easy norelem customer experience, taking our messages across territories and channels using the universal language of simplicity.

The international capability.

In opening up a wider world of potential, we created a proven model for multinational, multichannel communications. At the core of this was 1°West. Working with our partners to transcreate our message simply and seamlessly, we set a green light everywhere from Poland to Portugal, Spain to Sweden, Mexico and beyond – with this proven model securing proven results. In 2019, we reached over 6.1 million engineers worldwide and, in the first half of 2020, put norelem in front of 4.7 million more people.  

“We engineered a very different international communications approach.”

Accelerating brand and business value creation

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