Disrupting the dominance of petrol power through a digital PR and content strategy.

In gardening and grounds management, displacing the fuel of choice for over 100 years with battery power is no mean feat. But, in a time of critical sustainability challenges, EGO had the chance to do just this…

EGO first launched in the United States in 2012 and quickly established itself as the country’s #1 rated battery brand. Upon launching in Europe during 2014, EGO became established as a technology leader for its high-performance cordless outdoor power equipment.

EGO’s focus on innovation has led to design and manufacturing of range of outdoor power equipment, from lawnmowers to leaf blowers. Their unique 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries have the industry’s highest capacity in a hand-held battery, giving users the power to outperform petrol.

The story.

Sustainability defines our future. So, why is grounds care still stuck in the past, powered by petrol? That was the question we faced as we partnered with EGO, part of the international Chervon group. Our objective was simple – inspire people to reimagine the energy they use – and see the brand as the new face of smarter, greener outdoor power.

The thinking.

As EGO’s pan-European social media, PR, content and B2B digital marketing partner, our brief was to position it as a key player across channels. But we saw true value lay in elevating the conversation from brand to thought leadership. This began with exploring the issues facing the industry. What were the trends? What were people’s concerns? The barriers to adoption? Through our market research and insight, it was clear that economics, environment and safety were the answers, so they became the backbone of our strategy.

The execution.

The innovative B2B campaign kicked off with a digitally driven white paper setting out clear and simple benefits, we targeted key media, social channels and major events with our battery-powered message. This multichannel drive not only saw EGO’s cordless power tools featured as Best-Buy in seven major titles, and appearing on primetime national TV, but secured a steady stream of user-generated content, reviews and conversations about EGO, battery power and the future of the industry.

The challenge continues.

Over two years, across trade and consumer press, there have been almost 50 million opportunities to see – with another 2.3 million across social. And with EGO’s products in the sights of major influencers (not least Elon Musk), we set wheels in motion to disrupt petrol power’s dominance by putting EGO front and centre – as a green challenger for the green spaces of our future.

Is it time you were seen? Now you’ve seen our capabilities on display for EGO, find out what we can do for you. If you’re looking to see how you can create brand and business value for your B2B business through PR and content marketing, email or call 0121 454 8181.

“True value lay in elevating the conversation from brand to thought leadership.”

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