DSI Underground

Reinforcing progress, above, below – and beyond.

Our society is built on the ground beneath our feet. But, as the fabric of our society fundamentally shifts, we saw an opportunity to put DSI Underground at the core of human progress.

The story.

It’s only through mining and tunnelling that we can extract the materials vital to modern life. But in an age of digitalisation, how could DSI Underground extract this truth and reinvent its smart consumables as a way of generating value in a changing world? 

dsi on screen

The thinking.

Starting with a global deep dive into DSI Underground’s business, brand and market, we examined the ways in which the team enhances value in underground operations – and its role in moving our world forward, both physically and societally. And this became our new brand proposition: Reinforcing Progress. A proposition perfectly aligned with the seismic changes shaping the industry. Digitalisation. IoT-enabled mining. A growing awareness of our impact on our wider ecosystem. Reinforcing Progress means taking all of this into account and driving forward into a better future. 

The execution.

With video content, PR and social activity amplifying Trelleborg’s brand message, we put the true value of the business front and centre: ensuring life never felt better. And we also extended this to the way it does business, focusing on the collaboration at the brand’s core, as it custom-engineers antivibration technologies for any possible application.

“A proposition perfectly aligned with the seismic changes shaping the industry.”

The brand and business value creators