Armstrong Ceilings

Inspiring architects to see the value above their heads.

The ceiling: often overlooked, but critical to the appeal and performance of a space. Our challenge was to help architects see this potential value – inspiring them to look up.

The story.

Being a ceiling systems supplier is one thing. Being a partner is another. From transaction to transformation; invoicing to inspiration: that was the challenge ahead of the brand. While Armstrong set about creating the spaces we live, work and play in, we saw an opportunity to create a B2B marketing strategy that would allow Armstrong to open up a space where it could find unprecedented brand value.



A black and white image of a brand story book detailing Armstrong roofing

The thinking.

With a brand mission to inspire great spaces, we set about bringing meaning to this, with a range of offline and online content marketing campaigns targeting high-level architects and designers; elevating conversations on everything from aesthetics and acoustics to sustainability and urbanisation. Leading the charge was our transformation of the annual A Book: turning what could have been a simple brochure into a coffee table guide to the latest trends in the built environment, promoting Armstrong as thought leaders within the industry.



The execution.

Beyond getting 96 pages of inspiration onto architects’ desks – and keeping it there – we devised a wealth of other campaigns to keep conversations going. We pioneered a VR learning experience at a key event, invited architects and contractors to see recycled tiles from a new perspective, and developed ongoing thought leadership to raise expectations – and elevate customers’ gaze to realise new sources of value above them. 

The story continues.

We’re working closely with Armstrong as it expands operations across 11 countries, all managed from its UK hub. Combining international strategy with new digital opportunities, we’re setting the business on a bold new path.

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"We needed to create a space where Armstrong could find unprecedented brand value".

Accelerating brand and business value creation

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