PR is never just ‘PR’. It evolves. Where it was once about media relations, features, press releases and column inches, today, it’s so much more…

The power of content was an evolution that took us into a new age of PR, as traditional PR converged with live experience and social media. But now, it’s evolved again, opening up a whole new dimension – and, here, we transform brand performance through four clear principles.

First, we set about defining your brand story. Focusing on relevance and narrative, we put storytelling at the heart of your brand strategy, finding what makes you unique, then telling it consistently across every channel.

Secondly, we harness search and keywords – applying our understanding of SEO and organic search, the right niches and keywords, to ensure your story makes the most impact.

Thirdly, we can optimise your social strategy. Whereas traditional PR pushes stories out, we draw audiences in – generating engagement and interaction to help reach your audience in a measurable, tangible way.

Finally, we are able to deliver the right content. Video, infographics, guides, trend reports and white papers. We choose the best vessels and vehicles to unlock the knowledge within your organisation and integrate it with your story.

This is what matters in today’s multi-dimensional sphere of PR – and it’s what we do every day. Having lived and learned through every era of PR for over 50 years, we’re now leading the way with multichannel, award-winning campaigns that prove that PR is never just PR. It’s telling stories that challenge boundaries.


Strategy and planning.

We use a robust, evidence-based process that uses research, competitor audits, social media evaluation and creative thinking to identify campaign platforms. Once we’ve defined the boundaries, we then start thinking about how to break through them…


Thought leadership.

We can transform the visibility of individuals, the credibility of organisations, and the reach of brands. By setting out clear performance indicators, and measuring success in terms of coverage and influence, as well as sales and ROI, we help brands excel – in thought and action.


Community management.

We use compelling content to bring together communities of like-minded people – from industry observers to business writers. We can then manage social media channels, encouraging interest and nurturing conversations, with as much involvement as you need; from entrusting us with end-to-end management through to one-time strategic or creative delivery.


Media relations.

Our team includes experienced PR and press specialists with extensive contacts and industry knowledge, all backed up with transparent processes including online project management tools to share information and keep your stories safe and on track.


Data analysis.

In today’s multichannel world, success is more likely to be measured in likes, shares and sales growth than in column inches. So, we provide a broad range of metrics to give you a robust approach that can be monitored and fine-tuned in real time – for deeper reach and penetration, and more measurable ROI.



Our team has extensive experience of organising and supporting open days, editor visits, product launches and key events, including social media takeovers with live blogging and Twitter coverage. We have the experience, expertise and resources to take your stories to new places.



We both create and curate content, developing a suite of brand-led material including infographics, video, publications, white papers, PR articles and case studies, all to take your story across boundaries – and all neatly wrapped up in detailed content plans.

Brand storytelling without boundaries…