1° West: Managing international communications from a single global hub.

We live in a world where boundaries are breaking down. Where customers on every continent are linked, and businesses need to reach across oceans and channels to secure growth. In this brave new world, we combine brand storytelling and a flexible, international network of agency partners to take brands and businesses across borders – supporting everything from export and new market entry for enterprises, to coordinated global growth for multinational companies. It’s a uniquely fluid way of giving our integrated campaigns a far-reaching impact. Welcome to the world of 1˚West.


Global knowledge hub and network.

We continually monitor and seek out insights and trends that impact on the world of B2B marketing. Effectively acting as a global listening post across almost 100 countries, we can cast our net wide open, or focus on specific subjects with pinpoint accuracy.


International strategy.

We apply the expertise and experience of our people and partners in over 50 countries to plan and execute comprehensive, cross-border strategies that reach and resonate with their target audience – whether it’s an export strategy or a multinational, multichannel growth drive.


Brand storytelling.

We delve into a brand’s DNA to extract the story at its core, then create compelling, authentic communications that cross commercial and geographic boundaries, and tell the world.


Cross-cultural communications.

From strategy to design, copywriting to digital, everything we do has cross-cultural considerations at its core. Translatable into over 30 languages, scalable and universal – our integrated ideas talk the right language, and are built to cross borders.


Translation and logistics.

We handle all aspects of international campaigns, with our network ensuring maximum accuracy in translation, transcreation and replication. From databases featuring 10,000 upcoming events, 33,000 editorial opportunities and 500,000 contacts, to the logistics of reaching them, we have the capability to roll it all out, worldwide.

Far-reaching impact on business