Great brands are built from the inside out. Your employees make your products, interact with your customers, deliver your service and live your brand.

Exploring their perceptions and ensuring they’re engaged sets off ripples that spread from individual to team to business-wide, through to supplier relationships and customers. By expressing your brand from within and aligning employee behaviour with your objectives, we dissolve the boundaries of your business, helping you excel.


Strategy and planning.

We immerse ourselves in key audiences through workshops, employee surveys and in-depth analysis to identify challenges. We also audit social media to understand reputational issues, ultimately building a solid platform of understanding, and an equally solid strategy.


EVP development.

What makes you different as an employer? What makes a good employee? Calling on a mix of B2B and employer brand experience, we help define your employee value proposition (EVP) and articulate it through the whole candidate journey.


Recruitment marketing.

Most recruitment is reactive, kick-started by a resignation. Our strategies can end this stress while minimising costs and increasing quality. Linked to your resourcing plan, we deploy a range of techniques, from succession planning to talent pooling, to identify, profile, attract and help retain the right candidates.



The whole notion of on-boarding – the process that fills the time between job offer and start day – is growing in importance. From reviewing offer letters and other joining materials, to creating an on-boarding intranet, we help you keep new employees engaged.


Employee engagement.

In workplace surveys, communication – or the lack of it – is often cited as a cause of dissatisfaction. We identify issues and advise on strategy and messaging, and deliver relevant materials, whether it’s a simple newsletter or a company-wide event.


Learning and development support.

From induction to ongoing training, development is a business constant. We can assist here, with branded induction materials and support for a full programme of communication.


Organisational and cultural change.

All organisations evolve, and it’s equally important for employees to be on board with the change. To support this, we lead ideation sessions, develop vision and values, deliver international event days and help facilitate senior sales training to change techniques and behaviours.


Candidate journey optimisation.

By auditing the user experience, and evaluating and modifying every touch-point, we help organisations engage more thoughtfully and profitably with candidates and employees. Using a range of analytical tools, we can even provide extra insight into communication channels, plus real-time feedback from candidates, optimising their experience.

Far-reaching impact on business