Internships and apprenticeships are on the rise…

Understandably so as eager applicants straight out of education and searching for their dream job learn that it’s nearly impossible without having experience in the field something that just isn’t achievable without getting a job in the industry in the first place – a vicious circle.

We have both interns and apprentices here at Wyatt, and they’re going to give you a glimpse into what it’s really like to jump in at the deep end into Birmingham’s longest standing PR agency.


Meet the team:

Anna Taylor – Office Administrator – Did a 1 year apprenticeship in Business Administration with Wyatt from September 2016-17

Joining us an apprentice, Anna is now a key member of our team – and if you ‘phone or pop into the agency, she’s almost certainly the person who’ll greet you. Passionate about Japan, cats and 3D animation she also has a level 120 character in the World of Warcraft, which basically makes her a ninja. But don’t worry. She’s actually very friendly, helpful and kind, just so long as your name isn’t Gul’dan.

Charlotte Walters – Brand and Business Development Coordinator – Started a 13 month internship in June 2017

Opting for a change from her degree in Marketing, Advertising & PR (or is it from her passion for long-haul travel?), Charlotte’s joined Wyatt on a 1-year internship to gain industry insight and experience. An animal lover and part-time poet, she has an over-active imagination and an interest in horror and conspiracy theories, which would probably explain why she’s not keen on going into our cold, dark basement… honestly Charlotte, those bags are just full of paperwork.


So what’s it like to actually be an intern/apprentice here? We asked Charlotte and Anna 11 questions about their life at Wyatt…

  1. What does your job role at Wyatt involve?
    Charlotte: My main job role is business development, identifying potential clients for the agency and overseeing the development of the assets we use in the process. I also look after Wyatt’s social media accounts, PR and help with web development and upkeep.
    Anna: Day to day I typically spend my time answering the phones in reception, greeting guests, making clients feel welcome. As well as this is I deal with a lot of the administration for the business such as entering data into our CRM, updating internal forms, processing staff requests. I also help out with the Business Development Programme and HR.


  1. Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship/internship?
    Charlotte: To gain more experience in the communications industry agency side, and really, to test whether it’s something I want to do as a career. I hoped it would also help with my degree in the final year as I’d have lots of real world experience to draw on.
    Anna:  After a year at Uni, I decided learning in a class room wasn’t for me and I wasn’t gaining any knowledge that would benefit me. So decided to do an apprenticeship as it’s a more learn as you go structure!


  1. What made you choose Wyatt as your place of work during your placement?
    Charlotte: I knew I wanted to spend my placement in Birmingham as I wanted a taste for agency life in a city. Wyatt was recommended to me by my University after another student had done an internship with Wyatt.
    Anna: Working in an agency sounded immensely intriguing to me – it appeared very glamorous! But after looking into it I decided it would be good for me as no day is exactly the same, and a fast paced environment would keep me on my toes.


  1. Tell me the first thing you learnt during your placement/internship
    Charlotte: TO WRITE THINGS DOWN!


  1. Give me 5 words to describe your job
    Charlotte: Diverse, Fast-paced, Collaborative, Creative, Challenging.
    Anna: Goal Orientated, Helpful, Essential, Satisfying and Engaging.

    It’s your average working day, where can I find you?
    Charlotte: At my desk in central services, in our creative studio briefing work in or in a Business Development meeting.
    Anna: In central services, taking phone calls or answering the door to our clients!


  1. Name something challenging you’ve had to overcome during your time here
    Tough deadlines.
    Anna: Mostly I learnt a lot about my self- this is what they don’t teach you in Uni. You don’t know how you respond to certain situations until you’re in them, eventually I did start beating to the drum of Wyatt, even if it took me a while to get the hang of it.


  1. What skills have you developed as a result?
    Charlotte: My organisational skills have definitely improved, when you have to project manage things from start to finish it really pushes you to get organised and allocate your time well. Very much a sink or swim situation! My copywriting and proofing skills have improved too, as well as my ability to present in team meetings.
    Anna: Organisation. I never realised how disorganised I was until I started at Wyatt – and being organised is essential to my job! I like to think of myself as very organised now…


  1. What are the most valuable things you’ve learnt/gained?
    Charlotte: I’d say the most valuable things I’ve learnt are general agency-based skills such as briefing, proofing and project management. The most valuable things I’ve gained are some amazing new friendships.
    Anna: I’ve learnt a lot within administration – filing reports and keeping on top of internal forms. What I gained was the Wyatt True Original Award, which I was very delighted receiving.


  1. If you were going to do your placement all over again, what advice would you give yourself?
    Charlotte: Write things down, even if you don’t think you’ll need it, just do it! You’ll thank yourself a week later when you can’t remember what was said. Don’t be scared to put your ideas forward and more importantly keep trying to do so even if the first ones are rejected. People will like them!
    Anna: Don’t limit yourself – you can do it if you set your mind to it (I know… Cheesy)


  1. What would you recommend others do if they’d like to do an apprenticeship/internship at Wyatt?
    Charlotte: If you want to do a placement at Wyatt your first port of call is Lynne, our Head of Operations. Drop an email to the team at addressed to Lynne, attach your CV and anything you think might make you a ‘true original’. Wyatt tend to prefer to keep people on for longer so that they have a chance to develop and really value their experience, so be prepared to stick around for at least 3-4 months – mine was 13 months!
    Anna: I did my apprenticeship through Rathbone training, who I’d heard about from another young professional. I uploaded my CV to their website and they helped me find a placement. I’d recommend you research into what area you want to go into beforehand as this can completely change your career path.


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