Nobody can predict the future, but if you care about it, you do your bit to make it a better place.

So as well as our usual round of fund-raising activities and charity donations (this year, we’re supporting the Alzheimer’s Society), we also sponsor an international marketing award at The University of Birmingham Business School. This year’s winner has just been announced, and our warm congratulations go to Lara-Maureen Wüllner.

Our involvement with the Business School goes back many years to when we first suggested the ‘Wyatt International Prize’. Our aim then was to encourage emerging talent in the Midlands and to recognise excellence. Marketing trends might have changed since then, but the aim of the award hasn’t. Part incentive, part reward, it’s there to help nurture future marketeers.

The prize goes to best overall performing student on the MSc Marketing Communications programme, and the Business School selects the winner. Karen-Anne Bernie, Managing Director at Wyatt commented, “Like any service, marketing needs a regular injection of new blood and fresh thinking, and it’s vital that the industry incentivises people to develop. But for many new starters, it can be hard to get initial traction. Typically, agencies seek ready-rolled up sleeves and feet that are already up and running. They’re often less willing to take a chance on untried and untested talent. At Wyatt, we aim to remove barriers to success for graduate talent. The Wyatt International Award is one way; we also regularly offer internships to under-graduates and have an apprenticeship programme.

It’s certainly helping us keep our own business fresh and open to new talent and ideas. Ultimately, such encouragement is essential to help the communications industry. In the hands of people like Lara-Maureen, we’re pretty sure it’s in good shape.”

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