We live in a world where boundaries are breaking down. Where consumers on every continent are linked. Where news spreads at the speed of a tweet. It’s because of this that we offer a dedicated global network: 1°West from Wyatt International.

The nature of modern communications means a global behemoth of an international agency is no longer necessary. Instead, 1°West is a unique network originating in one location – our Birmingham hub, 1° west of the prime meridian – which taps into global contacts, knowledge, resources and channels to effectively transcreate and execute programmes worldwide, taking your story across borders.

Suitable for both existing multinationals as well as single-country businesses looking to explore further, we speak the language of international business, and offer the cohesion of central management with the understanding of local market rollout.

1°West is the point of origin for global branding – telling your story so the world listens.

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