Business Development Manager.

A relentless drive to explore new client challenges

We’re a very different kind of agency – and this is a very different kind of role. With our multichannel, client-focused clusters concentrating on delivering outstanding levels of service for our clients, we’re looking for someone with the ambition and appetite to concentrate on building our own brand.

New business is the lifeblood of any agency, and we have a great track record of attracting great brands and businesses looking to challenge boundaries and break into new territories. So, this dedicated role – the first in our agency – will be tasked with leading the search, identification and development of new partners who will become our future clients.

This is an exceptionally diverse role. From taking ownership of our own marketing PR and social media efforts, through to supporting on pitch work, handling proposals and joining the dots in our business development processes. Each day will be different. We’re looking for someone who’s not afraid to break boundaries – both inside and outside our agency – to uphold the good name of Wyatt, and make the world’s best businesses aware of our experience, innovations and achievements. Full of energy and enthusiasm, drive and determination, you’ll be keen to explore new client challenges every day – which is something that excites us all in this industry.

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