How is my work experience going? So far, so good!

Working in Wyatt’s PR consultancy is an interesting and surprising experience for me. Meetings, press releases to write, clients to update, cups of tea to drink: the busy life of the department is fascinating! I have been given really different tasks so far, including research, writing press releases, drawing strategic diagrams (Kirsty did all the drawing actually, she really likes drawing!) and providing administrative support to the team. I have also had to translate some press releases into French too – the easy part!

But what I really appreciate at Wyatt is the fact that I really feel involved in the company. The PR team makes me feel resourceful and it is really rewarding. I am also learning a lot just by listening to all of my colleagues talking about ‘white papers’, ‘bullet points’, ‘PPC’ and ‘colour seps’. This PR jargon, though delightful, makes me realise I still have a lot to learn.

Everyone is very kind to me and the occasional visits by members of the marketing and creative team is always very illuminating. This British atmosphere has helped me discover the joy of tea (and milk) breaks. I have also witnessed debates on the lyrics of numerous famous English songs…and I am now a fan of Philpotts!

What I like about the work is that it is quite varied and stimulating. As I said, so far so good! Thanks Wyatt!