It’s surprising to think Twitter will soon be celebrating the sixth anniversary of its launch. Six years since the world was whipped up into a hashtag frenzy and the infamous ‘Fail Whale’ maddeningly graced our screens, as the social media platform became overloaded with users eager to communicate with a whole web of possibilities.

From the humble days of Myspace to the new kid on the block that is Pinterest, there has never before been such a variety of channels through which we can communicate our thoughts, opinions and actions. As our business effectively comes down to communication, it is an exhilarating time to be a part of the PR and marketing landscape that is shaping brands and public opinion in the UK and around the world.

So whether it’s sharing a post on Facebook, engaging with a topical discussion on LinkedIn or creating a video to be uploaded to YouTube, you can be sure we’ll be ready to join in with the conversation. And the best thing about conversations? You never know what’s going to be said next.

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