As the dust settles on our festive social storytelling experiment – here’s the full story…

Instead of sending out typical greetings cards this Christmas, we wanted to create a truly original idea – a social storytelling experiment like no other. And that’s just what happened.

Through more than 2,000 words, in 120+ tweets, over five days, using random combinations from a bank of around 100 words supplied by your good selves, Wyatt people took turns to string together the finest of narrative threads. And we promise they didn’t have to do it at gunpoint or anything.

We kicked off with horror, threaded the needle through to sci-fi, took a left turn into romance, adding a dash of comedy-adventure, before – finally – ending up in the interestingly niche world of Harry Potter fanfiction. You chose the words; we told the story. And now, here it is, in all its meandering, unplanned, insanely crowdsourced glory. Enjoy.


Over the next 5 days, YOUR randomly chosen words will dictate #AWyattTale. We’ve no idea where we’ll end up, but we know where to start.

On day 1, we’ve drawn the words Michael Jackson, Las Vegas, Drum Kit, Murder – and we delve into Horror. Oh boy. In 3. 2. 1… #AWyattTale

There’s a place out in the Nevada desert, west of the lights of Las Vegas. No neon. No tables. No Tom Jones. Arid. Empty. #AWyattTale

Empty apart from the small cabin, on the edge of the canyon. No movement within; no light or life, just a sense of…Wrongness. #AWyattTale

The local kids dare each other to go up there. Nothing else to do. Just the desert and the boredom of the backwater. #AWyattTale

But on this night, of all nights, they really shouldn’t be here. They shouldn’t even now be creeping through the hallway… #AWyattTale

“Look, Zac, enough’s enough, right? We’ve done it – we’ve been in, now let’s go.” #AWyattTale


“What you so scared about, Lacey? It’s just an empty house. No one’s lived here for years. C’mon, what would Jake say?” #AWyattTale

“You’re such a JERK, Zac. You know what everyone calls this place. The Murder House. Let’s just get out of here.” #AWyattTale

“That’s all just talk – there was never any murder here; the cops never found any—wait…what was that?” #AWyattTale

“No! No, Zac, don’t you DARE freak me out.” “I’m not – it came from up there.” #AWyattTale

Ignoring the battery warning from their phone flashlight, they edge their way up to the loft. Zac first through the hatch. #AWyattTale

“Coooooool,” comes his muted voice from above. “Someone’s been stashing their stuff for Christmas or something. Come look!” #AWyattTale

Something about Zac’s voice sees a flood of relief surge through the girl, and she follows him up the ladder, into the dark… #AWyattTale

“Why, what—” she trails off. Amongst the dust and the spiders, a whole pile of presents. Expertly wrapped. #AWyattTale

There’s even (clearly) a drum kit in the corner, every cymbal wrapped on its boom stand; snares silenced by holly jolly paper. #AWyattTale

There’s just one thing missing. “Zac? Zac, where are you? Don’t be messin’ me around!” #AWyattTale

Edging around the drum kit, she sees something else: in place of the drum throne, there’s a crimson burlap sack. #AWyattTale

But there’s something about the colour that doesn’t sit right. It’s almost like it’s wet. Wet and very, very red. #AWyattTale

There’s a tiny, insistent voice in the back of her head crying GET OUT. But she’s drawn to what’s in the bag. Sure isn’t gifts. #AWyattTale

So entranced is she, she doesn’t see the shadow lift itself from the wall. She doesn’t see it softly sweep up behind her… #AWyattTale

Until a strange giggle – a grating whisper that makes her slowly…slowly turn. “You better watch out…you better not cry…” #AWyattTale

Teeth. Razor sharp, through smiling lips. Black eyes. Pale skin. And the ears…the ears… #AWyattTale

10 miles north of the Vegas strip, Paul’s Place has seen better days. So has the old guy. Old Nick, they call him. #AWyattTale

He’s in every night – but one. Tonight, Michael Jackson and “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” crackles over the old jukebox. #AWyattTale

He sits, muttering, in a timbre like a timber wolf; like feet crunching through heavy snow; obscured by a thick white beard. #AWyattTale

“He’s making a list…he’s checking it twice. Making a list…checking…” Over and over and over. #AWyattTale

In the background, the old cathode ray tube TV’s on the local news channel again. Something tonight, though, catches his eye. #AWyattTale


Hands gripping his beer. Voice a low rumble, like boulders rolled around sherry casks. “So. Someone’s been very, very naughty.” #AWyattTale

“Hey, Nicky, you need—?” Paul trails off. There’s just an empty seat, the door swinging. A faint sound of…sleigh bells? #AWyattTale

Old Nick stands before the cabin; once his favourite workshop, now given over to the ages. If only they’d let it sleep… #AWyattTale

He hears the drunks and gamblers back in the city; feels the Nevada wind kicking up his scarlet duster; wonders: what now? #AWyattTale

And that’s it for #AWyattTale today, folks. Who is this strange old man? What evil has awoken? And what happens next? Does our hero:

Day 2 of #AWyattTale, we’ve drawn the words Adam Ant, The Louvre, Spectrometer, Flutter – and we delve into sci-fi. Here we go…

Old Nick walks into the cabin to find Zac and Lacey sitting in the corner of the room, sitting at each side of a shaking figure #AWyattTale

A shaking figure on four legs, crouched, and worried. It’s Rudolph, and he’s terrified. Santa approaches the duo, looking angry #AWyattTale

“What are you doing here with my reindeer?” he asks them. “More to the point, what are you doing here?” asks Zac #AWyattTale

Santa explains he’s in hiding. He’s been knocked out of the space-time continuum by the Intergalactic Highwaymen… #AWyattTale

A terrifying band led by Adam Ant, a once-famous 80s popstar who blames Santa for a career in decline #AWyattTale

Santa takes the duo back to a Christmas morning in 1980. Adam Ant wakes with joy after unwrapping his new sash. #AWyattTale

But this is not any sash, it’s made with the hairs of rock Gods and transforms Adam into the ultimate 80s pop star #AWyattTale

It gives birth to the ultimate pop career, number one hits, platinum albums, and global stardom…bringing narcissism and ego #AWyattTale

It turns Adam into a power-crazed nightmare, and his ego starts to unravel his successful career #AWyattTale

It comes to a head on Noel’s House Party. Adam performs with the sash, which falls apart following years of use, a bad night #AWyattTale

Adam blames Santa and swears to destroy him. Breaking into the Louvre to steal the oldest ever spectrometer, he vows revenge #AWyattTale

Santa gave him this sash, and Santa would have to pay for the downfall it caused. Adam starts tracking Santa’s Xmas route #AWyattTale

The spectrometer is required to catch St Nick, who always travels at the speed of light. He plants a bomb en route, it impacts #AWyattTale

Santa’s sleigh goes crashing out of the space-time continuum, and he flutters like a butterfly’s wing, into an abandoned shack #AWyattTale

Santa and Rudolph had been forced to hide here for years, outside of space and time, and stuck in a dark, spooky cabin #AWyattTale

But now he had help. Zac and Lacey could help him form a squad against the Intergalactic Highwaymen and get Santa back on track #AWyattTale

There was only one thing left to do. The 4 of them had to initiate Project Blitzen and go back in time #AWyattTale

Only then could they steal the spectrometer before Adam Ant could get his hands on it #AWyattTale

That’s it for #AWyattTale today. But how will Santa, Lacey and Zac get back into the time-space continuum?

Day three of #AWyattTale. We’ve got Flip Flop, Johnny Depp, Dusseldorf and Shot, and this story is sprinkled with romance… Enjoy!

“I will not go back in time without my magic flip flop” Trixie announces matter-of-factly. #AWyattTale

“But where will we find one of those?” exclaims Zac. “I have an idea!” Old Nick pauses, “@plumbcenterUK may be able to help.” #AWyattTale

With Adam Ant intent on ruining Christmas, the trio rush to their nearest branch in search of the magic flip flop #AWyattTale

Dashing towards the service counter, it’s Wednesday and Johnny Depp (@Dougy_Brown) just happens to be working #AWyattTale

Falling under Johnny Depp’s spell, Lacey is mesmerised by his beauty and in the blink of an eye, forgets the mission in hand #AWyattTale

“Lacey, I’m heading over to the Christmas market in Dusseldorf, fancy joining me?” Johnny asks smoothly #AWyattTale

Blindsided by the potion, Lacey turns to Zac and Old Nick and says “my heart belongs with Johnny, I must go…” #AWyattTale

Heartbroken, Zac tearfully confides in Old Nick “I’ve loved Lacey since I first laid eyes on her, and now she is with Johnny.” #AWyattTale

“Pull yourself together” pleads Old Nick. “We have Christmas to save and we can’t do that without finding the magic flip flop.” #AWyattTale

Meanwhile in Dusseldorf, the lovebirds are enjoying the festivities, sipping on mulled wine and munching on mince pies #AWyattTale

Out the corner of her eye, nestled among the roasted chestnuts, Lacey spots something glimmering. It’s the magic flip flop! #AWyattTale

Emerging from the market stalls, like the ghost of Christmas yet to come, @LeamingtonSBC urges Lacey to return to her mission #AWyattTale

Snapping back to reality, Lacey remembers Old Nick’s quest and tells Johnny she must leave immediately on the next flight. #AWyattTale

Arriving back at @plumbcenterUK Old Nick and Zac are nowhere to be seen. Clutching the magic flip flop, she sinks to the floor #AWyattTale

That’s it for #AWyattTale today, but what will happen next? Will Lacey find the rest of the team and more importantly will:

Stay tuned for day four of #AWyattTale featuring Geronimo, Venice, Jump, Spatula, and a mighty adventure!

Day Four of #AWyattTale. Lacey continues her mission to save #Christmas…

Geronimo finds Lacey crying. “Quick! Quick! Quick! We are running out of time!” #AWyattTale

Who are you?” Lacey shouted. “I’m the elf in chief & we’re running out of time to save #Christmas! Put the flip flop on quick!” #AWyattTale

Lacey in her fright and confusion put the magic flip flop on and suddenly transformed into a beautiful little elf #AWyattTale

Geronimo is lovestruck. “Oh baby, where have you been all my life?” #AWyattTale

Snapping back to reality, Geronimo knows they have lots of work to do and very little time! #AWyattTale

They can’t do it alone and Geronimo realises the other elves are living it up at the loadbank party in Venice #AWyattTale

Geronimo whipped out his spatula (from fellow elf Robert Poole). “Come on Lacey jump on!” #AWyattTale

They arrived in Venice to see a containerised disco loadbank floating in the canal #AWyattTale

Lacey and Geronimo set off into the night sky on their mission to save #Christmas and find Nick #AWyattTale

“They’re in there!” he shouted whilst trying to land the spatula perfectly #AWyattTale

Prising the door open with his spatula Geronimo and Lacey find the elves enjoying their #Christmas party, #AWyattTale

Geronimo shouts “What, a Christmas party without your chief elf? What is this?” I’m going to shove this spatula right up… #AWyattTale

Lacey interrupts ‘”Geronimo we don’t have time, we have Christmas to save. Nick, elves let’s go, everyone to the sleigh” #AWyattTale

That’s it for #AWyattTale today, but what will happen next? Will…

It’s the final day of a #AWyattTale & today we’re featuring @KANYEWEST (thanks to @jkd1977), Broad Street, a shovel & slithering – as you do

With Lacey, Geronimo, Nick & the elves on board the sleigh, the race was on to SAVE CHRISTMAS & deliver the world’s presents #AWyattTale

Hovering above the mean streets of Birmingham Nick’s hangover kicks in and they stop off for a #cheekynandos on #BroadStreet #AWyattTale

After shovelling in some chicken, our heroes return to the sleigh to find they’d landed on @KANYEWEST, Wizard of Oz style #AWyattTale

Lacey is devastated and asks a dazed @KANYEWEST if there’s anything they can do to make it up to him… #AWyattTale

“Guys I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish saving Christmas but…” says @KANYEWEST #AWyattTale

…”my greatest pain in life is that I’ll never see myself perform live. Can you help?” continues @KANYEWEST #AWyattTale

Harry Potter superfan Lacey knows there’s only one thing that can grant Kanye his wish & let them continue saving Christmas #AWyattTale

A mystical spell will grant @KANYEWEST an out of body experience so he see himself live – but only Dumbledore can cast it #AWyattTale

Heading to platform 9 3/4 at New Street, the train is obvs delayed and @KANYEWEST is mobbed by fans #AWyattTale

Our heroes make their escape and jump back on the slightly dented sleigh to head to Hogwarts #AWyattTale

At Hogwarts, Geronimo delivers presents to the resident wizards, muggles & mudbloods while Lacey approaches Dumbledore for help #AWyattTale

Dumbledore reluctantly agrees to the spell but warns that @KANYEWEST will be transformed into a slithering serpent as punishment #AWyattTale

.@KANYEWEST’s concert delights the Hogwarts crowd (and himself). As the applause dies down he metamorphosises into a snake #AWyattTale

Our heroes have fulfilled their promise to @KANYEWEST & as he slithers off into the woods they continue their Christmas quest #AWyattTale

After delivering presents all night, the sleigh finally reaches the skies above Las Vegas #AWyattTale

“Lacey, Zac, you’ve saved Christmas. I can’t thank you enough – but your time on the sleigh has come to an end,” says Old Nick #AWyattTale

The sleigh drops Lacey & Zac home – but as they prepare to depart, Geronimo hesitates #AWyattTale

Nick sees Geronimo’s reluctance & senses his love for Lacey. “You can stay if you wish, elf” he decrees. #AWyattTale

Overjoyed, Lacey dons the magical flip flop for the final time and as dawn breaks, is transformed into an elf forever #AWyattTale

Geronimo & Lacey head to the nearest Elvis chapel to wed, dancing their 1st dance to seminal Kanye classic No Church in the Wild #AWyattTale

Old Nick and the elves return to Lapland, greeted by the unicorn and Adam Ant who’ve decided to join his workshop #AWyattTale

“Christmas has been saved,” declares Nick. “And it’s all thanks to Lacey, the flip flop, and @leamingtonsbc“. THE END #AWyattTale

Brand storytelling without boundaries…